Liquid web:Black Friday discount storm is coming, just for the better you

As we all know, liquid web has enjoyed a good reputation in the hosting industry since 1997.

To date, they have provided excellent services to more than 32,000 users from all over the world and hosted more than 500,000 websites. Among these sites are many big brands like Motorola, FedEx, and Symantec.

Although the cost of hosting is higher than that on the market, all the customers who have used it say that it is value for money, completely solves many problems they encounter in website construction, and can get more intimate and timely services when solving difficulties. Therefore, every successful person who has dreams, if you choose to bear such costs, you will definitely get a satisfactory harvest.

Before 2016, Liquid web also provided shared web hosting services, but in order to better meet the needs of professionals who rely solely on the web, they now focus only on advanced hosting. The web hosting industry is too focused on price competition and even wins at the expense of customer service and hosting performance. Liquid Web is committed to changing this model and investing in next-generation hosting solutions designed to provide the best hosting experience in the hosting industry.

Liquid Web businesses turn their technical services into heroic support as they try to exceed your expectations. To this end, I think you should know something:

. 100% network and uptime guarantee;

. Provide technical support services 24 hours a day;

. Support service personnel must undergo more than 300 hours of training before they become available.

In a corner of the Liquid Web data center, a group of very dedicated employees sit here and stand by at any time. Their purpose is only one: to solve any problems before customers’ servers. This proactive approach means that they will find the problem before your website stops running, that is to say, in most cases, he has recovered before you realize the problem. Of course, here is the Sonar Monitoring team of Liquid Web. This team’s only concern is server reliability and instant event solutions. This is the secrets of Liquid Web’s surpassing many other web hosting companies.

It’s worth emphasizing that migrating a website to a new host seems painful, however, here at Liquid Web, all issues are not a problem. If you run into difficulties, then technical support will be happy to help. For WordPress sites, there is a better solution. A carefully customized Liquid Web plugin will make the migration process easier. After installing the plugin, you only need to fill in the FTP information on the old server, and the Liquid Web migration team will be responsible for the rest of the work, usually within 2-7 days.

There is no doubt that Liquid Web has the best dedicated hosting service in the industry. Its service performance and technical support far exceed most competitors, and many of the largest brands are also using their hosting services. Reason.

The only problem may be the high cost. If this is not a challenge for you, then Liquid Web will be the most worth considering option.

Finally, I will list the advantages and disadvantages of Liquid Web systematically.


. You can choose Linux or Windows operating system

. One of the best customer service in the industry

. Commitment to 100% stable online guarantee, refundable if not reached

. Free CloudFlareCDN, data backup and DDoS protection

. Advanced business email (add-on products)


. Expensive (if you get the service, it’s great value)

. Fewer data centers, all in Europe and America (Asian and African customers can consider multiple)

Readers are n’t in love with Liquid Web for ten minutes, and we also get Liquid Web’s Black Friday storm offer for everyone.

Mind is not as good as action, click here for more discounts.

Mind is not as good as action, click here for more information.