Hostpapa Introduction

Hostpapa comes from a Canadian hosting company and is also a leader in Canadian hosting companies. It was established in 2005. Although it is a hosting company with only 5 years of history, they are very powerful, and in 2018 they acquired the old host LunarPages! Hostpapa, like Ipage, uses wind power to promote environmentally friendly virtual hosts. All servers, data centers, office computers, etc. are powered by green renewable energy (hostpapa is the first)! Over the years, their hosting is stable, unlimited traffic, unlimited space, unlimited websites, 100 MySQL, etc.! In the U.S. web hosting, their online time guarantee uptime is second to none. External evaluations of them also prove that Hostpapa’s online time is indeed first-class!

HostPapa adapting to the crowd

If you are a foreign trade station or other English station, Hostpapa is definitely a good choice. Of course, like personal blogs and small websites, it can better show the advantages. When you face a problem, Hoatpapa provides the most timely and best service.

HostPapa Features

Let’s introduce HostPapa’s US web hosting in comparison with other web hosting to see what outstanding features.
Provide free domain names
 Free SSL
Free Cloudflare CDN
 Unlimited traffic
 Large-capacity SSD storage (unlimited storage space for premium packages)
 High quality of virtual hosting, even for small business users, it is very suitable, especially for some foreign trade e-commerce users
 Business email provided (of course you need to pay a bit, which is cheaper than $ 1)
 Provides a variety of themes, supports customization, even novice users can build a website very quickly
 Free domain name transfer and site transfer services
 Provides one-click installation services for more than 40 programs such as WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce, Drupal, etc. The background control panel operation is very simple
Guaranteed refund within 30 days
 Online customer service support within 24 hours
The others are all the jargon of the web hosting company. There is no need to introduce what stability and service is good. The performance and service of this American web hosting is not a problem.

Hostpapa Functions

The most important thing for a virtual machine is to see what programs are supported in order to ensure that your website is deployed and running. Let’s look at the programs supported by HostPapa:
 PHP 5.6, 7.0
 MySQL 5.6
It is regrettable that this virtual host supports fewer programs, only supports PHP + MySQL combination, but also meets the needs of most users.
So many WordPress, phpBB, Joomla !, Drupal, Discuz! Systems are supported

HostPapa data center

HostPapa data centers are all concentrated in the United States: California, San Jose, Virginia, Texas, New York. If domestic users visit the California data center is undoubtedly the fastest.
HostPapa is one of the fastest web hosting providers, with an average web page load speed of 3.1 seconds and a server response time of 0.359 seconds, which is almost the top three among the web hosts participating in the test in the video.
We can see that its support rate has reached 80%, the price recognition rate is 90%, and the speed has reached 92%.

HostPapa Package Introduction

Hostpapa offers three packages for different user needs, please choose according to your needs.

Hostpapa purchase process

1. Offer link.clik here
2. Click Get started now! As shown in the figure:
3. Come to the page below. If you are a new customer, select I am a new customer. If your old customer chooses I am an existing customer, log in to your account.
4. The next step is to choose whether to use the domain name hosted by Hostpapa (Register a new domain for me) or own domain name (I already have a domain name: I will update my nameservers) as the main domain name of the space. This tutorial uses selecting your own domain name as an example:
5. Fill in the account information, pay attention to the required fields with asterisks, and fill in with pinyin:
6. Select payment method, paypal or credit card:
7. Select purchase period

8. Then there are some recommended additional services, check it directly, click creat account to check out:
If you choose to pay by credit card, you will soon receive an email with the space opened. If you choose paypal, you will enter the paypal checkout page. Similarly, you can check your email after paying.


 Hostpapa, which belongs to the EIG consortium, is really an old foreign host. Hostpapa was well-known for its virtual hosting. Today, its business includes domain name registration, virtual hosting, reseller, VPS, website builder, and email services. This year’s Christmas hostpapa sent a super promotion: Now the .com domain name is discounted, the first year is $ 0.99.

Starter and Business Shared Hosting plans will cost $ 0.99 / month (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a package of 36 months.
 Starter and Business Optimized WordPress plans will cost $ 0.99 / month under the same 36-month purchase condition.

Faced with such an excellent host, friends stepped up placing orders. $ 36 for three years and $ 0.9 for one month. You only need a small investment to realize your big dream through your website. It’s better to act.

Buy it.

Buy it.

Buy it.