During the epidemic, collect this business phone guide

With the disaster of 2020, the new crown epidemic raged across the world. Because of this incident, many negative news is overwhelming. In the United States, the worst unemployment occurred unexpectedly. Many enterprises face a crisis of funds and difficulty in carrying out their work normally. And this is the problem Nextiva wants to solve.

Under the epidemic, most of the global work relies on means such as telephone communication and the Internet. However, most companies work hard, but do not pay attention to the way. Therefore, this kind of work communication method brings more expenses to the enterprise. Production that is already suffering becomes more difficult. Nextiva makes all this better.

So, let us enter Nextiva’s colorful world.



-What is Nextiva.

Nextiva is a voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nextiva focuses on the area of cloud-based communication Nextiva indicates its telephone and other technology services are currently used by 150,000 businesses.Nextiva was founded in 2006. Six years later, Nextiva had approximately one hundred and twenty workers. In 2014 Nextiva’s growth rate, according to Deloitte, was estimated to be 1548%.By June 2016, Nextiva’s revenue was close to $100 million.[citation needed] Later in 2017, Nextiva had a revenue of $125 million USD.


In January, 2017 they had sales of $110 million and a staff of 700.This shows that Nextiva has a long history and strong strength. In terms of business development, it brings convenience to many people and promotes the development of the enterprise.Among them, Nextiva’s best product is its business communications suite. It combines cloud Internet voice (VoIP) business phone service with customer relationship and collaboration (beta) applications in a single user interface. The following are commendable places of Nextiva. First, Nextiva provides small and medium-sized companies with “out-of-the-box” solutions. Second, Nextiva is designed for offices and mobile workplaces. Third, PBX phones can be converted to use with services.




-How does Nextiva work?

Goldberg HedgeFunds is a small business loan provider located in Heath, Texas. Learn how after using Nextiva’s Business Communication Suite, they tripled their revenue growth by 227% in the first 6 months, integrating their business phone services, CRM, surveys, live chat and analysis functions on the website. Alana Turner, executive assistant of the Children ’s Museum of Phoenix, increased revenue through Nextiva. So, how does Nextiva help these companies grow? Let us slowly understand Nextiva.

Nextiva Business Communication Suite integrates cloud business phone services with customer relationship and collaboration tools in a single user interface. The kit uses VoIP to send and receive calls through the company’s broadband Internet connection. Features are supported by NextOS (proprietary software), which enables unified communications and customer participation on a single platform. Employees do not need to use scattered technology, but can understand the complete view of each customer in real time, and can track and share customer information throughout the enterprise. Built-in predictive modeling (artificial intelligence) and workflow automation tools can help companies streamline processes and operations.

Nextiva sells and leases IP desk phones and conference phones, and helps customers convert old PBX phone systems to cloud services, but at an additional cost. Employees can use the Nextiva Business Communication Suite on smartphones and computers by downloading the appropriate application.

The company will transfer existing phone numbers to the service during the account setup process, or choose new local and toll-free numbers.


-What are Nextiva features?

The functions of Nextiva Business Communication Suite vary depending on the service plan.

If you are self-employed, you only need the necessary daily business. Then Nextiva can bring you accurate customer analysis. Nextiva makes you no longer hasty and inefficient as before. Nextiva will not make you tired of switching between call logs, voicemails, text messages, emails, spreadsheets, Post-It notes, etc. You only need to get customer information on Nextiva. Nextiva brings deeper customer information to individual companies. Even one person can grasp the information, analyze the situation and win profits.

If you are a small business owner under 40 people. Nextiva provides you with efficiency and low cost. In the operation of small businesses, cost and profit are the most critical words. If you can not control the relationship between the two, it is difficult for the company’s operations to move forward. So during the operation of the enterprise, things changed for the better once they switched to Nextiva. Nextiva customers also reported up to 60% cost savings on their phone bill. And, people who use Nextiva agree that Nextiva makes life easier.


If you run a larger company, the professional phone system makes it easier for you to recognize, remember, and understand your customers. Because Nextiva is a business VoIP phone system that combines CRM, help desk, live chat, survey and analysis. Automating analysis and management of customers will become easy.



-What are the specific features of Nextiva?

① Telephone service function. You can make wireless calls within the United States and Canada. Try local numbers for free. Free phone minutes for a certain length of time. Wireless Internet Fax.

② Collaboration function. You can use wireless audio conference call.

③ Strong productivity. With NextOS call pop up. Outlook and Google integration, etc.

④Support 24/7 service.






-How much is Nextiva?

Now Nextiva strongly supports enterprises, you can get the right product for you at the following prices. Please think carefully.

Friends, it is better to move, and buy it quickly. Enjoy the most perfect business telephone service.

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