Whether you’re building a new site or performing some backend maintenance, you want to make sure that you tell your visitors what to expect.

That’s where a plugin for maintenance can be very useful. You want to make sure that visitors and search engines know that your site is up and running.

You don’t want them to go to a page that makes it look like you’re out of business. That’s a sure way to lose SEO value and customers.

Want to know the top WP maintenance mode plugins? Read on to find out which ones you should use on your site.

Why Use a Plugin for Maintenance?

If you’re performing website maintenance or completely rebuilding your site, you want to make sure that your visitors know what’s going on.

What you’ll find is that there is a difference between maintenance mode and coming soon. Maintenance mode is a way to notify users and search engines that your site is temporarily down while it’s undergoing updates and routine maintenance.

It gives search engine bots a 503 header code, which is used to say that the site is temporarily down and to come back later.

A coming soon landing page is ideal for brand new sites that plan to launch in the near future. This will also tell search spiders to crawl your site and let them know that your new site exists.

Most WP maintenance mode plugins can handle both. You want to be aware of the differences, so your site is set up for success.

The Top WP Maintenance Mode Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress that allow you to do just about anything. Check out these top plugins that will make your site look professional, even in maintenance mode.

1. Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode

This is a free plugin that has plenty of features available. It’s responsive and gives you space to add your own SEO title and meta description. You can also have your own CSS code to fully customize the page.

2. WP Maintenance Mode

This is a customizable plugin that lets you create a page that matches the look of your brand. You can also add a contact or subscription form and a countdown timer.

3. Maintenance Page

With this plugin, you can create a maintenance page or a coming soon page. You can add your own CSS code and upload a logo. It’s very user-friendly and intuitive to use.

4. Maintenance

As the name of this plugin suggests, it’s very simple. It’s a basic plugin that lets you create a customized page without having to create your own code.

5. Ignite Up

Ignite Up is great for developers who want a little more from a plugin. This is a powerful plugin that gives you a great backend to create a maintenance or coming soon page.

The Best Maintenance Mode Plugins

When you’re doing regular maintenance on your website, you want to be sure that you let visitors and search engines know that your site is temporarily down.

The top WP maintenance mode plugins allow you to let everyone know that your site is functioning, it’s just a temporary shutdown.

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