Perfect font pairings: Pacifico and Quicksand

Finding font pairings that set one another off, do not fight the attention for attention, associate degreed harmonise while not turning into uniform and boring is an art. The antique rule goes: concord or distinction, however do not conflict.

But with such a large amount of skilled typefaces and free fonts to select from, however does one realize 2 that job in harmony? scan on for our choose of the simplest font pairings – or jump to the {top|the tip} of page two for a few top recommendations on finding your own. If you would like to brush au fait your typography data, take a glance at our guide to the different font types you ought to apprehend.

01. Montserrat and Courier New

Perfect font pairings: Montserrat and Courier New

Google Font Montserrat was designed specifically to be used on-line, whereas traveler New may be a classic typewriter font. On paper (metaphorically), you would possibly not suppose they’d build the perfect font pairing, however you would be wrong. Montserrat’s lightweight, trendy sans-serif letterforms offset traveler New’s heavier, retro ambiance utterly.

02. Alegreya Sans SC and Source Sans Pro

Alegreya Sans SC and Source Sans Pro font pairing

Alegreya may be a super-family that has sans and seriph sister families aboard this tiny caps version, designed by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huerta Tipográfica. The family features a slightly calligraphical edge, and is intended to be appropriate for long blocks of text. However, the little caps variant is best suited to headers. we propose pairing it with supply Sans professional, Adobe’s initial open supply face family, designed by Paul D. Hunt.

03. Pacifico and Quicksand

Perfect font pairings: Pacifico and Quicksand

For a delightful font pairing with an unintentionally tropical theme, try Pacifico and Quicksand. The former is a pleasingly free and flamboyant brush font that’s ideal for use in headings. The latter is a sans-serif with rounded terminals and some quirky touches – including that distinctive descender on the uppercase ‘Q’. Quicksand was actually also designed as a display typeface, but it’s clear enough to work well at small sizes, too.

04. Julius Sans One and Archive Narrow

Julius Sans One and Archive Narrow font pairing

If you are aiming for knowledgeable look, this can be a good font pairing to undertake. Julius Sans One works solely comes in one weight associated is an all-caps font, however it is a prime alternative for a show font, with its fine stroke and broader baseline. The additional geometric Archivo slim could be a good match. it’s been designed to figure equally well in print and digital.

05. Playfair Display and Raleway

Playfair Display and Raleway font pairing

Display font Playfair attracts inspiration from the amount within the eighteenth century once quills were being replaced by pointed steel pens. This, aboard printing developments, semiconductor diode to high-contrast letterforms with delicate hairlines turning into fashionable. Elegant face Raleway makes an ideal font pairing.

06. Oswald and Lato

 Oswald and Lato font pairing

Oswald was launched in 2011 as a transforming of the ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans-serif sort vogue. It makes a good pairing with Lato (which interprets as ‘summer’ in Polish), a heat nevertheless stable fount. each square measure out there in a very vary of various weights and variants, creating this font pairing nice and versatile.

07. Super Grotesk and Minion Pro

Super Grotesk and Minion Pro font pairing

The ever-popular serifed dependent professional works dead as a headline font once plus the nimble sans-serif Super Grotesk for body copy. Together, these fonts produce a contemporary sense of easy magnificence.

08. Libre Franklin and Libre Baskerville

Libre Franklin and Libre Baskerville font pairing

These 2 libre typefaces create a good font pairing if you are when a conventional feel. each Libre Baskerville and Libre Franklin are optimised to be used on screen. the previous is sweet and legible, thus ideal to be used as body text, whereas the latter is best suited to headlines. 9 totally different weight choices create it nice and versatile.

09. Freight Sans and Freight Text

 Freight Sans and Freight Text font pairing

Working inside superfamilies makes it straightforward to search out harmonious font pairings. GarageFonts’ Freight could be a nice example. It’s out there in a very massive vary of weights and designs, together with Sans, Text, show and small versions – supplying you with a flexible typographical toolkit to figure with.

10. Kaufmann and NeutraDemi

Kaufmann and NeutraDemi font pairing

If you are when one thing a lot of sudden, however regarding this duo? The flowing stylings of Kaufmann add barely of written aptitude to the present odd couple, and offset the straight and angular sans-serifed NeutraDemi dead. This font pairing won’t be the foremost obvious match, however that does not stop them enjoying off each other fantastically.

11. Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro

Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro font pairing

Due to its skillfulness, the reliable dependent professional seems some times during this list. this point it’s enjoying second fiddle to the daring and attention-grabbing Brandon Grotesque. this can be a classic line and sans-serif font pairing, with each typefaces remaining crisp and straightforward to scan in any page layout.

12. Josefin Slab and Patrick Hand

Josefin Slab and Patrick Hand font pairings

When making Josefin block, designer Santiago muralist wished one thing between Kabel and Memphis, however with fashionable details. the ultimate face has distinctive, typewriter-style details, and is good to be used in headlines. mix it with body copy in Saint Patrick Hand for a font pairing full of character. The latter, supported the designer’s own handwriting, has a neat, friendly atmosphere.

13. Helvetica Neue and Garamond

Helvetica Neue and Garamond font pairing

This is a magnificently harmonious pair, combining omnipresent Neo-Grotesque {sans line|Helvetica|font|fount|typeface|face} font Neue for headlines with the classic proportional font serif Garamond for text. false impression totally different weights and sizes between the 2 neutral families to determine hierarchy inside your styles.

14. Caslon and Myriad

Caslon and Myriad font pairings

Another classic font pairing, this point between associate degree eighteenth century proportional font line and a late-20th century Humanist fount. Myriad is magnificently employed in Apple’s company communication, also as within the Rolls Royce emblem.

15. Nova Mono and Lato

Nova Mono and Lato

Nova Mono is merely out there in one vogue, however that vogue is good for creating an announcement. combine it with versatile fount Lato to prevent things obtaining too crazy. Lato designer Łukasz Dziedzic wished one thing that was nice and clear at tiny sizes (as we’d recommend mistreatment it inside during this font pairing), however discovered some stylized effects once used larger.

16. Fontin and Fontin Sans

Fontin and Fontin Sans font pairing

Time for one more taxonomic category, this point from Dutch foundry exljbris. Fontin has been designed specifically to be used at tiny sizes, and options loose spacing and a tall x-height. Fontin Sans makes a perfect partner for it.

17. Minion and Poppl-Laudatio

Minion and Poppl-Laudatio font pairing

Two typefaces each have lots of temperament, however bond dead. associate degree proportional font line face, dependent was designed in 1990 however galvanized by late Renaissance-era sort. though technically a sans-serif, Poppl-Laudatio’s refined increasing details provides it a unusual edge.

18. Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans

Liberation Serif and Liberation Sans font pairing

Superfamily Liberation was supposed as associate degree ASCII text file substitute for several unremarkably used Windows fonts, like Arial, Times New Roman and messenger New. The line and Sans versions create a sensible font pairing, however there also are alternative variations to play with, together with  Sans slender and Mono.

19. Trade Gothic Bold and Sabon

Trade Gothic Bold and Sabon

This pairing is especially effective once Trade Gothic is employed in its daring weight for headlines, to line off Jan Tschichold’s classic proportional font line face for text. each typefaces square measure extremely legible, with a tall x-height, and mix well along to convey a satisfying impact.

20. Gilroy and Jura

Gilroy and Jura font pairing

This combine of sans serifs combine nicely to make a classy, industrial look. Gilroy’s geometric vogue in ExtraBold weight is good for headers, whereas Jura light-weight encompasses a thin , structured form that offsets it nicely. the mixture is good for adding a powerful, technical feel to your inventive comes.

21. Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro

Playfair Display and Source Sans Pro font pairing

Dedicated display typeface Playfair Display sports high-contrast that exude old-fashioned charm. Source Sans Pro is a modern sans-serif designed specifically for use in user interfaces. Together, they make a perfect pairing of old and new, with the understated Source Sans Pro letting Playfair Display really shine.

22. Scala and Scala Sans

 Scala and Scala Sans font pairing

FontFont’s taxonomic category Scala started with a line version in 1990, followed in ninety two by its fount companion. With tiny caps, varied ligatures and old-style figures, this family is massively versatile and wide employed in business.

23. Bebas Neue and Montserrat Light

Bebas Neue and Montserrat Light

Its clean, condensed letterforms create Bebas Neue a superb selection for headlines. It’s liberated to transfer and open supply – thus you’ll edit it to your own explicit wants through the GitHub repo, if you have got the need and skills to try to to thus. Montserrat offers a pleasant contrast; particularly the sunshine version.

24. Rockwell Bold and Bembo

Rockwell Bold and Bembo font pairing

One of the classic block serifs, Norman Rockwell was designed within the Nineteen Thirties and encompasses a Brobdingnagian quantity of temperament and attention-grabbing potential once used daring. The far more conservative line Bembo is neutral however versatile, creating for a wonderfully contrastive font pairing.

25. Myriad Black and Minion

Myriad Black and Minion font pairing

Mixing 2 robust typographical personalities seldom works, as they find yourself fighting. However, this can be associate degree exception. memento is softer and a lot of devilish than several of its proportional font line counterparts, whereas Futura daring is offbeat while not being too dominant.

26. Souvenir and Futura Bold

Souvenir and Futura Bold font pairing

Mixing two strong typographic personalities rarely works, as they end up fighting. However, this is an exception. Souvenir is softer and more playful than many of its Old Style serif counterparts, while Futura Bold is quirky without being too dominant.

27. Dax Bold and Caslon

Dax Bold and Caslon font pairings

One of the foremost versatile proportional font serifs, Caslon has additionally appeared elsewhere on this list. Its neutrality plays off against the informal, fashionable Dax daring, enabling  the latter to deliver its robust temperament. Dax daring could be a nice selection for a headline, and also the tasteful Caslon will not contend for attention.

28. Roboto and Montserrat

Roboto and Montserrat font pairings

These 2 easy sans-serif typefaces make a clean and proportional font pairing. Roboto combines geometric forms with friendly, open curves, and has been designed to supply a natural reading rhythm. Montserrat – named when designer Julieta Ulanovsky’s neighbourhood in national capital – is presently being developed into associate degree clan, which can provide you with a lot of sort pairing choices to play with.

29. Antique Olive Bold and Chaparral

Antique Olive Bold and Chaparral font pairings

Initially designed as an alternate to font and Univers, Antique Olive encompasses a terribly tall x-height with short ascenders and descenders, that create it extremely distinctive in show type. bush encompasses a fashionable feeling however could be a far more neutral block line. the 2 along add good harmony.

30. Aviano and Aviano Sans

Aviano and Aviano Sans font pairings

Only out there in all-caps varieties, Aviano has sharp, jumpy serifs that provides it a particular temperament. Its sans-serif variant is sander. mix these 2 tilting typefaces along {to produce|to make|to form} create hierarchy in your styles.

31. TheSerif and TheSans

TheSerif and TheSans font pairings

The rather easy naming strategy inside LucasFonts’ Thesis face taxonomic category makes the foundry’s intentions pretty clear. These 2 variants square measure entirely complementary, and every comes with its own sub-varieties.

32. Renault Light and Apex-New

Renault Light and Apex-New font pairings

An ideal font pairing for formal or company use. each Renault and Apex-New have a really similar quantitative relation of x-height to body height for an easy partnership between up to date {sans line|Helvetica|font|fount|typeface|face} and authoritative serif.

33. Calluna and Calluna Sans

Calluna and Calluna Sans font pairings

An exljbris creation, genus Calluna was born out of associate degree experiment in adding block serifs to Museo, giving designer Jos Buivenga the concept of ‘serifs with direction’. The result’s a extremely distinctive text face that later spawned a sans-serif companion.

Top tips for perfect font pairs

Tip 1: Use font superfamilies

The easiest thanks to notice good font pairings is by mistreatment totally different fonts inside an equivalent overarching face family. notice a questionable ‘superfamily’ and you may have a ready-made vary of weights, designs and classifications that square measure specifically designed to figure along.


A good taxonomic category can embrace line and a sans-serif version of an equivalent typeface: celebrated examples embrace Lucida/Lucida Sans and Meta/Meta Sans.

Tip 2: Pair contrasting typefaces

Contrast, because the name implies, is regarding finding entirely totally different – however still complementary – typefaces that square measure every suited their supposed application. historically, this involves pairing a line with a fount.


Typefaces can usually conflict if they’re too similar: 2 ever-so-slightly totally different serifs or sans serifs seldom produce nice font pairings.


As a designer, the necessary issue is to determine a transparent hierarchy. this might be as easy as variable the scale and weight of an equivalent face – however wherever the face varies, careful font pairing is crucial. If you have got a show face full of distinctive temperament, you’ll have one thing a lot of neutral to try to to the toil.

Tip 3: Pair type sub-categories

Of course, ‘serif’ and ‘sans serif’ square measure themselves broad classifications – every split into many sub-categories. usually speaking, proportional font serifs like Bembo, Caslon and Garamond can mix well with Humanist sans serifs, like Gill Sans and Lucida Grande.



Meanwhile, shift serifs have a stronger distinction between thick and skinny strokes – examples embrace Bookman, Mrs. Eaves, Perpetua and Times. These combine with Geometric sans serifs like Avant Garde, Avenir, Century Gothic, Eurostile, Futura and Univers.


Finally, fashionable serifs have associate degree usually terribly dramatic distinction between thick and skinny for a a lot of pronounced, stylized impact, also as a bigger x-height. enclosed during this third sub-category square measure Bodoni, Didot, New Century book and Walbaum. Again, Geometric sans serifs marry best with these.


So what will all this truly seem like in practice? Here’s our reference list of tried-and-testing font pairings that square measure sure to avoid conflict.