In recent years, p-chart has become standard everywhere the planet. There area unit uncounted wonderful photos.Today, share some divine p-maps.

1.Taking out self-portraits of mobile phones has become a mirrored image of recent individuals, thus we tend to should think about the historical significance of the background within the scenic spots. for instance, at the “European Memorial of the Victims of Jews” in Berlin, several tourists cause for themselves and even do yoga. This created a individual creator feel disrespectful of them and criticized them with PS drawing.warning:The following photos contain photos of mutilated limbs and corpses. Please think about and luxuriate in them.

.By Tourists

.By Artist

Puting these pictures in the first group,they are also divine P-maps in terms of human morality, .

Wake up to future generations and wish world peace.

2.Recently, Reddit launched a hot p-chart contest, in which netizens opened their brains and turned a squirrel into a well-known classic figure.

.Original map

.Charts By God

Can you tell which classic character it is?

Welcome to leave a divine P-map you have seen in the comments.